Bound by Connor "Sex and bondage can be very much like a drug to a lot of guys."

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D. Dogg and the Pup, Part 2 (2014)

Featuring Connor Kent, Damon Dogg, Tim Drake

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October 15:
Dominating David, Part 6

Featuring Connor Kent and David.

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  November News

THE BOYS OF BOUND BY CONNOR and MASTER CONNOR himself apologize for the inconvenience as there are no new updates being made for the month of November. Rest Assured when updates resume after the technical difficulties are resolved, there will be plenty of hot footage ready for your wanking pleasure.

  What's Going On

We are currently undergoing maintenance on the NEW IMPROVED BOUND BY CONNOR a ALPHAOMEGA MALES, LLC. production website. please stay tuned for updated material including live web shows, longer blogs, full length videos, merchandise sales including worn boyshorts, used cum soaked jocks, socks, DVDs, and lifesize replicas of connors cock and more. Video selections will include ALL of connors vids not so far posted on the website currently. Loyal customers will enjoy FINDOM sessions and personalized scenes upon request. Stay tuned FAGGOTS!

~ MASTER MORGAN aka Connor Kent


Hey FAGS and fellow ALPHAS!

Any cashfags out there will find this interesting, but mainly looking for my fans and followers to check this out and donate! Especially if you want to see this DOM TOP STUD even HOTTER in the following vids. I'm working my ass off at the gym but I want to get to my goals and get a awesome rockin' 6pack - if anything to see some hot bottom pussyboys lick the cum out of my cumgutters ;-)

I've lost 189 lbs and gained a shitload of muscle. been bouncing between 9%bf and 17%bf the last year or so but it would all be a lot better if I just lost the extra skin a fat around my gut and love handles and pelvis. want to be the best and hottest porn star with a huge dick and tight abs as possible. I've literally done everything I can do get there but you cant go from 400 lbs to 200lbs without leaving scars and extra skin and no amount of patience and time will tighten up 14 inches of skin. So be a good boy and throw a few $ towards my GoFundMe account so you can watch this hot ALPHA JOCK GOD BECOME and see his dream REALIZED!... there you go bitch... follow the link... ;-)


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Dominating David is up for download now, along with all my other vids.

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